My real name is Adela Cori, I was born, live and work in Bratislava. My first steps in the field of photography came in 2009, when I was brought to this beautiful hobby by my great lifelong love - dogs. As a 14-year-old I first started experimenting with the camera and my model was our oldest Vizsla, Arria. Everything in the viewfinder looked totally different and the world got a whole new dimension, even the smallest detail suddenly made a difference.

I immediately fell in love with photography and I still see it as a challenge. The challenge to capture an unrepeatable and unique moment, to create a valuable memory, to make a smile appear on the face and a warm feeling infiltrate the heart and, last but not least, as a challenge to constantly educate and improve myslef in this area.

I shoot mostly dogs, portraits of people and various events, but over the years I have gained experience with other genres of photography as well such as sports, wildlife, landscapes and nature, macro, products... I also engage in graphics a little.