How can I get ready for the photoshooting?
The most important and perhaps even your only preparation is your idea of what you actually want to shoot, in what environment and style and what do you expect from the resulting photos. That's the first thing I'm going to ask you, so think it well ;-)

How do I dress, do my make-up and what to take with me?
Too attracting, complicated or patterned outfits are not appropriate because they divert the viewer's attention away from the main object - you. I'd rather choose a simple, ideally one-color, respectively not too colorful clothing without distinctive patches and pictures. Very suitable are, for example, pastel colors that help create a calm and pieceful impression. The same applies to make-up - less is often more. Of course, it does not have to be true for every type of photoshooting. The main thing is to feel comfortable, relaxed and attractive :-) You can also bring with you more outfits for exchange or some props, this will certainly revive the photos!

What requirements must a dog or other animal meet if I want to shoot with him/her?
First of all, the animal should not be aggressive and offensive, everything else can be managed with patience (fears, distrust of foreign people / things / places, little willingness to cooperate, etc.). However, if the animal knows at least basic obedience, such as come, sit, lie down and stay, it is a great advantage. Various unusual commands and tricks are also welcome. The animal should be in good condition, clean and if we will be photographing indoors it should have good hygienic habits as well. Certainly I will not stress a sick or injured animal, in which case the photoshooting will be postponed or canceled altogether (if it is a permanent condition).

Where does the photoshooting take place?
There are more possibilities. Somewhere out in the woods, on a meadow, near water, in the city, just where we like it and it will be a good place for the given type of shooting. Furthermore, it can be at the comfort of your home, office (business portraits) or other suitable interior that meets the requirements and complements your ideas. The last option is a photographic studio (for an extra surcharge).

What will I get?
The client receives two versions of the final photos of the number based on the selected package: a photo with the photographer's logo of a resolution of 2048px on the long side ment for social networks, web, etc. and full-resolution photographs without the photographer's logo exclusively intended for printing, etc. - it is forbidden to post these on the Internet!
You are buying the result of my work, finished = processed and edited photos, you are not buying my copyrights. Therefore, according to the copyright law you need my written consent for further processing of my photos (any adjustments of colors, tonality or execution, cropping, use in collages and other graphic works etc.). This also applies to all published photos on my site and their further distribution, copying or other use.

How will my photos / graphics be delivered to me?
Photos / graphics will be delivered to the client either on an USB or via an online gallery.